For 26 years we have focused on solving the toughest business challenges with user-centric technology solutions. From usability consulting through cloud adoption, from IT strategy to software development services, we produce results with user-first technology solutions delivered by creative, disciplined and honest professionals.

The success of a modern business cannot rely on technical proficiency alone, it requires insight and guidance. Which is why we built an agency comprised of expert professionals who have a passion for engaging with people. We take pride in being trusted advisors to our clients, and their technology needs.

Why We Do It

We believe great software can change the world and that problems can be solved quickly and with less waste. At C/D/H, we do this by creating a problem solving environment that relies on trust, mutual respect, candor and collaboration. We are committed to being our best every day.


Susan Cotts


Mark Becker
Mark Becker

Vice President

Eric Olmstead

Infrastructure Lead

Steve Smith
Steve Smith

Collaboration Lead

Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan

Application Development Lead

Eric Slocum
Eric Slocum

Sales Lead

Matt Maliszewski
Matt Maliszewski

Marketing Lead

Our Values

Active Collaboration

C/D/H values two-way, collaborative communication, through continuous interaction with each other and with you.  We promote active collaboration when we are together, and through the online tools we provide you.


Continuous Improvement

Our consultants strive for improvement and are committed, encouraged, rewarded, and required to constantly better their skills.  We share new knowledge with each other, so we can collectively bring it to you.


Unquestionable Fairness

C/D/H brings honesty, trust, integrity and reliability to our working relationships.  From our daily communications, to the work being performed, to our documentation, and to our billings we will always treat you fairly.


Genuine Commitment

C/D/H isn't just where we work.  We give our best every day.  This commitment extends to you before, during and after a project.


Since 1990 we’ve been headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan serving markets in Detroit, Chicago, and the greater Midwest. For 3 consecutive years we’ve been named among "West Michigan's 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®" by the Michigan Business and Professional Association. Come visit us in Detroit, and Grand Rapids.


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