We pride ourselves on our collaboration and candor with our clients across all the industries we serve. You’re not only getting experts to solve your technology challenges but a partner to help understand the needs of your business and industry. 

Family Office

Our expert consultants work directly with leaders in family office services. We are entrusted to protect sensitive data, and provide a full spectrum of services. From custom development to launching new operating models, we produce solutions that increase business productivity and efficiency.

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We help healthcare providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies to leverage technology in order to improve business and clinical processes, both immediately and long-term.

Public Sector / Government

Our consultants serve many levels of government, including regional, state, local, and public sectors. We provide strategic innovations and deliver award-winning government solutions.


Our consultants work with leaders in the manufacturing industry to navigate and resolve technology issues affecting their business. Using technology to connect people across multiple locations, improving processes, operations, and distribution, on a local and national scale.

Public Services

We have been successfully assisting legal and accounting firms for decades to implement and optimize document management, workflows, cloud services, updating and integrating new technologies, while ensuring sensitive data is protected and preserved.


As technology consultants we pride ourselves on our skills, expertise, and ability to innovate. Working with other technology businesses we are able to showcase our talents, designing, building, customizing and testing software and solutions that allow our client’s businesses to advance and thrive.


We have a deep understanding of the technology needs that education institutions face; many of our consultants have previously worked in education technology. We are experts in providing infrastructure assessments, configurations, migrations, and user-centric websites.

Business and Consumer Services

We help our clients improve their operations through internal and external sites, design and develop software for process efficiency, manage and migrate data centers and email accounts, and increase findability of information for consumers.

Art and Culture

Art and Culture

In conjunction with a leading museum, we developed an application specifically for exhibition planning and interpretive groups. Integrating seamlessly with museum content management systems, the application provides a centralized exhibit-planning platform that makes the most up-to-date information accessible to users from various museum departments. It is a user-friendly, web-based tool that saves time and increases collaboration throughout the life cycle of an exhibit.

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