Every modern business solution is a technology solution.

What We Do

Businesses cannot function, let alone succeed, without technology. For over 26 years, we've worked with our clients to implement, grow, and develop technology solutions. We provide assurance that your crucial services and systems work so that you can focus on doing your job well. 

We are experts in Digital Content Strategy & Workflow, Large Concept Enterprise Solutions, and any Premium Specialized Technology service. 

How We Do It

Deep Understanding

You cannot fully develop a solution if you do not fully understand the problem. This is the keystone to our services process, and motivates us to look beyond the surface issues. When we generate a deep understanding with our clients, we can provide a guarantee that our recommendations and solutions are supported by clear, objective truth. We are able to provide targeted solutions that meet your needs.

Strategy & Planning

Strategy picks up where Deep Understanding leaves off. From our high level view of the main issues we determine a direction toward resolution, moving directly into developing granular recommendations for resources and time, tailored to your unique industry and business needs.

In this stage of the process, collaboration with our clients is essential to producing right-fit options with clear and comprehensive guidelines.


We design with a multi-faceted approach, bringing together engineering, development, and user experience to guarantee a complete, and holistic solution recommendation.

Design produces a detailed map of the final considerations you need to make before committing to a single resource or service.


After client approval, we begin executing the Design. This step of the process is iterative, and, depending on the project, incorporates engineers or developers who engage our client for feedback and regular progress updates, ensuring that we have a viable solution that meets all expected outcomes.

Agile Approach

We employ an Agile methodology to our development process which means development occurs in short cycles that incorporate testing, and client feedback which allows us to build efficiently and respond to changes quickly. Our consultants employ industry best practices, and are SCRUM certified.


  • Identify requirements
  • Create User Stories to guide design and development
  • Determine efficient goals and milestones in accordance with budget and deadlines


  • Create Design Patterns, branding, and visual resources
  • Design Mockups and Prototypes for initial feedback and validation


  • Develop in accordance with stories in the Sprint


  • Project team meets with stakeholders to review product
  • If changes are required, the iterative cycle starts again
  • Upon stakeholder sign-off, the product is implemented

Our Service Teams

Infrastructure & Cloud

Cloud computing is an innovative and disruptive technology essential for businesses today. Managing your data in the cloud enables business innovation with agility, scalability, and increased efficiencies, while maintaining security. 

C/D/H Infrastructure and Cloud consultants are experts in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Solutions, including enterprise desktop and mobility, SCCM, O365, Azure, and Virtualization. Our team has vast experience in both small and large-scale migrations and management.  

Our Infrastructure team allows your data to be accessed, securely, anywhere any time. Creating more efficient communication, while providing the skills and tools essential for any size business. We are a partner for our clients; together we develop infrastructure and cloud strategies that create stronger solutions for long-term systems and future trends. 


An optimized business gets information to the people that need it, when they need it. 

Your organization needs information to be findable and relevant in order to be useful. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Chances are your organization is swimming in a sea of high value content that no one can find. This isn’t the way that digital transformation was supposed to happen. 

Digital transformation starts with adoption. Aligning your solutions to the way that people find and use information is key. Technology can be powerful – but if it its underutilized or in the wrong place, it will never deliver for your organization. We know how to leverage Workflows, and Content Management to meet your needs and produce value.

Let us help you define your enterprise collaboration objectives and work together to make them a reality.

Application Development

Every day, businesses uncover ideas for innovating software but lack the capacity to develop them into tangible products. We excel at crafting custom mobile solutions and applications that are aligned with your technology goals, and drive your business forward.

C/D/H Application Development consultants work directly with clients through each step in our Agile process: Planning, Designing, Developing, Accepting, and Implementing. Our emphasis on user acceptance testing ensures your solution is meeting all the crucial requirements to guarantee success, and engagement.

Our expertise runs deep, read more about what we can build for you here.

Experience Design (UX)

User Experience focuses on the overall emotions and attitudes evoked while using a product such as a website or application. It is what drives loyalty, trust, and engagement.

C/D/H User Experience consultants create intuitive and unforgettable solutions that enable business goals and empower end users.

Our team turns user insights into experiences that drive adoption, simplify communication, and become indispensable tools for business. We collaborate with our clients to develop user-centric strategies that create stronger and more profitable relationships between teams and the entire business.

Project Management

On time and on budget; C/D/H offers Project Management (PM) services that ensure your project delivers according to schedule.

C/D/H has multi-disciplined, highly trained certified project managers to ensure projects stay on budget, on time and that stakeholders are kept informed. We thrive on two-way active collaboration and promote interactive voice and video conferencing communication tools. Our consultants are continuously trained on industry standard tools and methodologies. We follow the Project Management Institute (PMI), Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) methodologies for management of projects. C/D/H brings honesty, trust, integrity and reliability to our working relationships. Most importantly, our project managers are committed to ensuring your project is a success.